Why system shut down automatically

If you are a system user then you can face the situation that during working on the system it gets slow, missing to open file or program, system shut down automatically and the data lost etc. The whole situation indicates that something happening wrong in your system and some files of the system are missing which are required to run the system. If you are facing this problem then you have to fix this problem as soon as possible otherwise it can damage windows, hard disk and all data of the system may be lost. Some cause and solution of this problem are given below for your better guide so read it carefully and follow.


Cause of system shut down automatically:-

Missing system files such as Windows driver, registry file, dll file etc. are the cause of system shut down automatically. Every system file has its own importance and job so if any one of them is missing or moved from their path then system can’t work properly and it may be that system shut down automatically while working. If your system is infected with malicious programs like virus, Trojan, worms, adware, malware etc then they will damage or corrupt system files, change the setting of the system, delete system files etc. These days it is becoming a critical problem for every system user because hackers are developing new types of virus day by day which damage system files, hack personal data etc.

What to do if system automatically shut down:-

If system automatic shut down then you can do the given processes-
i) Scan the system because it one of the most useful and used process to solve the problems of the system. When you scan the system it remove the malicious programs from the system and protect the system from the attack of harmful programs.
ii) Restore the system because when you restore the system then it meets to its default setting and due to this activity moved or changed file of the default location are set to the actual location where they are before so the system starts working properly.
iii) Repair the system with the Windows os CD or DVD because when you repair then missing files of the system will be repaired and thus system will not shut down automatically.
iv) Repair registry file because it is the database file of the system and all applications of the system are stored in this file so if is missing then it may be critical for the system and you can get many types of problems so repair it also.
v) Any system problem indicates your poor maintenance of the system so always maintain your system in a proper way and use latest and updated anti-virus.


You can also do that download and install third party windows repair tool and run to solve the system problems automatically. When the repair process completed then restarts the system and work. Now you will not get the problem of system shut down automatically.