Solution to Fix Windows Error 0x80004004

Windows error 0x80004004 is commonly associated with windows defender. This error can occur when you are about to update the windows defender as prompted by the windows to update the windows defender with this message “windows defender is out of date and needs to be updated”.

And you respond to the message to update the windows defender, but, what you get is this message error that “you can’t update the windows defender due to the error found: 0x80004004”


The afterward of this windows error is always an unpalatable one, the PC begins to perform slowly, system freezes and crashes while you are working with multiple applications.

This problem can be due to corrupted or damaged windows system files, malware or virus attack, mistakenly deletion of system applications or hardware, and damaged driver.

Fixing the windows error 0x80004004 needs a meticulous follow of the steps outlined under the solution to fix the windows error 0x80004004.

Solutions to fix windows error 0x80004004

Solution 1: the first thing first is to try and restore your system you to an earlier date. This method can help remove problematic software or driver.

  • Click the window key (start button)
  • Search for system restore
  • Click on system restore
  • Then click next
  • Choose a suitable restore point from the restore points
  • Then click next
  • Click Finish on the confirmation window

Solution 2: disable the antivirus program

Try to disable the antivirus program temporarily, and then continue with you’ve been doing before the error occurred.

Solution 3: run an antivirus scan or antimalware scan

The windows error 0x80004004 can be due to malware or virus attack in the computer so run a system scan with a reliable antivirus or antimalware program to get your system back to shape.

Solution 4: Run disk check utility

The disk check utility is a tool that helps scans and repairs any damage sectors or files in the hard drive. Follow these simple steps to run the disk check utility

  • Press the windows key on the keyboard
  • Click on all programs
  • Click on accessories
  • Right click on command prompt
  • Go to “run as administrator”
  • Then click yes on the new pop-up window
  • Type chkdsk (the check disk utility to perform in a read-only mode)
  • then press enter

To check for the error and fix it automatically:

  • Type “chkdsk /r” into the command prompt
  • Then press enter
  • Restart the computer after the complete scan


The Windows error 0x80004004 mostly occurs during the update of windows defender with the error message “you can’t update the windows defender due to the error found: 0x80004004” and in some cases, it comes with the message error “virus and spyware definitions couldn’t be updated”.

Even if this error is associated with the windows defender, the error is due to corrupted or damaged windows system files, or malware or virus infection.


The error can either be fixed by running a stable internet connection, system restores, run a virus or malware scan, disable the antivirus or run check disk utility.