Remove Windows Error Code 2906

In these windows operating system is a common uses OS. But sometime it is create various issue on your computer and also shown an error code 2906. When this error attack on your computer its create problem in hardware, software, technical and other programmatic issue. Solve this issue suddenly another way you lost your data and other important files. Don’t take under interment this error.


Symptoms of Windows Error Code 2906

Some error message shown on your screen during update your windows

Sometimes your windows operating system is hang up

In this error affect your hard disk and ram

System create different types of problem

Computer freeze for some time

Cause of Windows Error Code 2906

Some data loss during windows update

By human mistakenly delete some files in your OS

Damage your some device in your computer

Virus enter in your computer

Connection is not properly connect in your computer

Message of Windows Error Code 2906

Solution of Windows Error Code 2906

Manual method 1

Click to switch on the computer.  Click windows start button to open it in search box type control panel press enter button.  After open the control panel search and double on click Add or Remove Programs in the control panel appear window .Note each version of the .NET Framework that is already installed on the computer. Then click to open the source uninstall all versions of the .NET Framework. Uninstall it. When you are uninstall it you faced some issue then resolve this and finally uninstall it. Close this tab. Reboot your system.

Manual method 2

Click to start the computer.  Press and hold the windows button + R button to open the windows start button. In search box type CMD press enter button just.  In search results right click on command prompt select run as administrator on your appear dialogue box. . In the command prompt type following command then press enter button in device manager click on view tab then click on show hidden device. Now select the device that you want to uninstall. To uninstall the device right click on it and select properties of this CMD. press driver tab and then uninstall this. Then uninstall the CMD. Reboot your system.

Manual method 3

Click to start the computer. Before restoring your windows computer first of all backup your files, data and other important thing in your computer.  Go to start menu button click to open it. Select control panel in this appear box and open the control panel. In the search box type system.cpl and press enter button. In this appear setting window choose time point to restore your system. Review the restore point and then click next button then finish button to end this process and close. Restart your PC now.


Manual method 4

Click to shutdown the computer. Disconnect all connecting cord and internet connection also power off the internet modem. Checks all cord properly then you find damage cord. Change the damage cord or wire. Connect all cord or wire properly and check it. Switch on the computer .wait for some time after refresh it.  Connect internet connection. Enter the correct login id and password. Then you noticed that your issue is shot out.