How to solve Windows Update Error 57

During installation of any Windows updates or when user clicks for updates that time they might have to get Windows Update Error 57. Update Error 57 shows that there is some problem in your operating system. If user wants to complete the update you must have to fix this problem. It will make your OS slower and possibly even shut down the computer and render the system completely useless. User system stops working cause of this error code.  An error code pops up like Windows Update Error 57. The Windows Update Error 57 is a Microsoft error message.


Symptoms of Windows Update Error 57

  • Fails to load installed program or software
  • Due to error windows program lock-ups
  • Get down PC performance
  • System freezes issue occur
  • Startup and shut down problems happen
  • Installation errors
  • Hardware failure

Causes of Windows Update Error 57

  • User Computer BIOS might be incompatible
  •  It might need to be updated
  • Incorrectly configured
  • Old device drivers corrupted
  • Device driver or a system service might be missing
  • Bad third party program

Solution of Windows Update Error 57

When Windows Update Error 57 obtains then you should remove it using any possible activity. If you want to stop the Windows update problems from occurring again, user may need to take an effective or strong method which could remove it. This first solution may resolve this issue. Most of the user wants to troubleshoot their issue by themselves.

Use ‘gpupdate’ to fix this error

Start your computer and type ‘cmd’ in the search box

After opening the command prompt, type ‘gpupdate’ and click on Enter.

User can remove Virus on their computer

Add/ Remove Programs

It allows you to manage programs which are installing in your computer because it is a system feature of Windows Operating system.  The important function of to uninstall programs which are installed on the user’s system.

At first start the PC and type ‘Add’ in the search box?

You will see Add or remove programs appears in the left side

Programs and features Windows will be appear on your system

Now, you will see the installed programs which are listed in Programs and features.

Select the programs which you want to remove or uninstall.

Right click on the program and select Uninstall.

Restart your PC, after completing this.


Use third party tool to fix it

Third Party tool is the best option to fix any error code without any problem. You have to just download it and install in your system and take a complete scan of your system. This tool removes your PC in just a few minutes. The best thing is that you not need of technical knowledge in this method.