How To Solve the Issue Window Error Code 0x800703E6

Window error code 0x800703E6 usually occurs under different Windows computer versions. This error is caused by corrupted registry keys, corrupted or missing DLL files or registry files, obsolete drivers, Windows update errors, missing or corrupted system files, or by viruses, Trojans or other destructive programs.

This problem block Windows from accurately verifying the license for this computer. The computer then saves the settings and the only option is to stop them.

Windows 0x800703E6 error code is a problem that appears as a risk for your PC. You should find a way to correct this error, otherwise serious computer problems could occur, such as a blue screen error, system failure or computer shutdown.


Symptoms of Getting Windows Error Code 0x800703E6:

•          Slow down the performance o your system

•          Automatically get shut down

•          Repetitively Restart

•          Unable to Install any Updates of Software or Applications

•          Blue Screen Display

•          Severe Data lost

Causes of Getting Windows Error Code 0x800703E6:

•          Virus or Malware Attacks

•          Missing DLL Files and Registry Files

•          Misconfigured System Files

•          Incorrect Registry Entries

•          Incomplete Installation of Window Operating System

•          Unfinished Uninstalling of some Temp. File or Other File

•          Internet Disconnection

Solve Window Error Code 0x800703E6 :

Step 1: Check the Windows firewall

1.         Enter “Firewall.cpl” in the Search box display beside the window icon.

2.         Click ->Windows Firewall

3.         Click ->Enable or disable Windows firewall.

4.         In the Private Network setting, select-> Disable Windows Firewall

5.         The same applies to the public network setting and press ok.

6.         Once the problem gets solved, you must activate -> Windows firewall.

Step 2: Apply system restore

A quick and most recommended way to correct most of the computer error is to use the system recovery utility, that allows us to restore PC at certain points, after that it will work properly.

Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools and then open System Restore.

Step 3: Manual modification in registry Section

The computer registry is one of the most important components of the Windows operating system. If you use your computer regularly, roughly and install new applications, the computer registry will be corrupted and you will receive the error message with the blue screen. You can fix these errors by manually editing the Windows registry, but it’s a too tricky task only technical users can do this task properly.

Step 4: Update the Drivers

Using Windows Updates is the safest way to get any driver or application updates because the updating package in already verified and signed by Microsoft.

For automatically download and install driver updates, do the following steps:

1.         Open Settings.

2.         Click -> Update and Security.

3.         Click -> Windows Update.

4.         Click ->Check for Updates button.

Via Windows Update Services all drivers’ new features get automatically installed and updated.


If still the same issue happens and all the above process does not help you out and still, you are searching for a solution then we have the solution to fix error 0x800703E6. Use Advanced Repair Tool, this tool will remove all error from your system and an advanced part of this tool is its automatic repair tool. You have no need of any technical knowledge for using that tool.