Runtime error 430 is mainly occurs in your windows computer. It is a general error in comparison to all of the run time code. This error code is mainly related to the visual basic program system. When some system setting is disabling in related to the VBA then this type of runtime error is attack on your computer. It is disturbing you when work on your computer. All other of problem create this error.


Symptoms of windows runtime error code 430

Runtime error 440 crash your some important program

Some program can’t be supported in your computer

Your system getting a bad response

Computer screen freeze for some time

Some program can’t be installed

Causes of windows runtime error 430

On/ off your default properties

Wrongly setup you visual basic system setting

Virus issue in your computer

Some computer command is not supported currently

Corrupt and damage some software

Message of runtime error 430


Solution of windows runtime error code 430

Method one

Click to open the computer. Go to the search button and click to open.  Search CMCMERGE.DOT file and Right click on to select open.  After open it go to the tools and click to open. Go to the macros and click to open.  Then open visual basic editor and click to open.  In this appear tab go to the tools. In tools slide bar select references and click to open. Select debug right click on it. Go to the compile project command option button and click to open.  Then open a message box click ok to this box. Once again use the tools and select the references command in this slide bar. Select LETTER.dll in this check box. Click ok button to close the box and select it debug compile project command. Select save the file button in the VBA editor. Select file close button return to the word. Finally select the file save to save the CMCMERGE.DOT file. Close the all tabs. Reboot your computer.

Method two

Click to start the computer. Click on window start button to open this icon. Type DCOMCNFG and press enter button. This command will open then drag down to console root setting button. Go to component service setting button into the console root system. Then click to open it and go to the system. Search restore setting button and click to restore the setting. Go with its given command and click to close the tab. Reboot the computer.