How to fix Windows Update Error 0x80242FFF

Error 0x80242FFF can occur while installing automatic updates in Windows 10. While Windows is committed towards giving the very best update experience to its users, many a times it fails to do so. Though windows do not tell as much as to why this error occurs, we can surely blame corrupted system files and some other reasons to the cause. Let’s take a look on the causes of this error:



  1. Fault in some of the Windows update components.
  2. Faulty internet connections.
  3. Corruption of Windows update components.
  4. Corruption of Windows software distribution folder.
  5. Malware or Viruses.

This error can cause various things to happen in your computer. Let’s look at some symptoms that you might see in your computer when the error 0x80242FFF pops up.


 There isn’t a lot that will happen to your computer but still you should note that in order to update your computer you should fix this error.


 Before we move on to the solutions its important to note that you should always backup your devices so as to ensure that there is no data loss in case of any misshappening. Now let’s see what you shall you do if you see Windows error 0x80242FFF occurs.

  1. Run Windows update trouble-shooter:
  • Go start menu and search for troubleshoot.
  • Click on troubleshoot.
  • Look for Windows update.
  • Click on Run the trouble-shooter.
  • Follow on screen instructions.
  1. Reset Windows update components:
  • Go to the path: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download. (assuming Windows installed in C drive, if not navigate the root path)
  •  Select all files inside the SoftwareDistribution folder and delete them permanently.
  • Delete the contents Recycle Bin and try to install updated now.
  1. Run the System File Checker (SFC) utility:
  • Click Start and type on your keyboard for “cmd”.
  • In your search results cmd will show up with a black icon.
  • Right-click cmd and select Run as administrator.
  • If you are prompted for the admin password, enter the password and click OK.
  • A new completely black window will open. You can type commands directly into this window.
  • Type sfc/scannow and press Enter.
  • This process will take a long time. You can minimize this black windows and work on.