How to fix windows Installation error code Netclass.inf

Windows error code in Netclass.inf occurs during the remote installation service running on a window server 2003 R2 standard edition with service pack 2 installed. When we try to integrate network drivers into the image then we get certain warning in the event log such as source, event Id-1101, error text.


This error generally occurs at the first time when you attempt to boot your system from RIS image .If you have more than one image on your RIS server then you get only one for each image that you have tried to boot. As netclass.inf has a .inf extension, I think that it’s looking for a manufacture section that you have already find it out in a .inf.

As RIS is a remote installation services which is an automated installation technology that is used to create installations images of an operating system or of complete computer configurations, including desktop setting and applications. These installations images can be made available to the users at the client computer.RIS are mainly used in a large scale deployment where it would be too slow and costly to have administrators or end users interactively install the operating system on the individual computers.

RIS is more complex and requires more upfront support and planning than other automated installation technologies. This is because RIS relies on several operating system services and protocol, as well as specialized hardware that support the PXE specifications. However, RIS installation is an efficient deployment technology, if you have a high speed network and you need to install clean operating system and preconfigured applications onto a large number of computers with minimal end users and administrator interaction.

The PXE environment is build upon internet protocols and services that are widely used in the computer industry. This includes TCP/IP, DHCP, and TFTP. The PXE extensions to the DHCP protocols enable information to be sent to network bootable system and also allow these systems to locate remote installation services.
An error message occurs during the parsing of an INF file netclass.inf in the given section. You can get runtime information about an object an even invokes a method against an object, without an instance of that object using .NET’s reflection API.

To get rid of this problem service pack 2 for windows server 2003 was replace by RIS with WDS and should only be using WDS at this point. The current generation of the deployment technologies with the Microsoft deployment toolkit that brings a quite bit of additional functionality to the deployment process. This includes managing device drivers, updates, and even installing the software during the deployment process.


These errors might also occurs due to the use of unsupported drivers, windows installation source or disk image, not proper support for NTFS file system including dynamic volume creation and management and unsupported component of Microsoft .Net Framework, windows registry’s problems. To overcome from all of the above problems you should use the windows utility software which will solve the above mentioned error and thus also improve the performance of the system.