How to fix windows error dwshk32-ocx

If you keep getting this windows error dwshk32-ocx on your computer screen with error message like “error 39. Component DWSHK32.ocx missing, “not correctly registered dwshk32-ocx” or “DWSHK32-OCX returned error code”, don’t panic! Because this error is easy to fix by following some few steps void of high-sounding technical jargon.


But before then, you need to know the possible causes of this error. This error can be due to missing dll files or corrupted dwshk32-ocx files, incomplete installation of windows update or malware attack.

The error can come up during certain program installation, during installation of the operating system or while running a particular program on the system such as graphic designer program. So, apply any of these solutions to fix windows error dwshk32-ocx as it applies to the cause of the issue.

Simple solutions to fix the windows error dwshk32-ocx

Solution 1: conduct a full system malware scan on your system to remove malware also repairs the affected files, because malware infection can, however, corrupt or damage ocx related files.

Solution 2: run system file checker utility. Running sfc/scannow on your system will help identify corrupted ocx files also repair the files. Follow these steps to use system file checker utility:

  • Press windows symbol on keyboard
  • Then type “cmd” on the search box
  • Then type this command sfc/scan now on the command prompt page
  • Then hit enter
  • Wait till the sfc/scan finish scanning the system to identify problematic files and fix it.
  • then follow on screen command

Solution 3: system restore

Restoring your system to an earlier date will help remove any recent installed application that could be the cause of the error. Take the following steps to perform system restore:

  • Click start
  • Then type “system restore” on the test box to search for system restore
  • Then right click
  • Click on “run as administrator”
  • Click next on the new pop-up window
  • Choose a restore point
  • Then click finish
  • Restart your system after successful operation

Solution 4: re-register the dwshk32-ocx file on the system. To re-register the file follow these steps:

  • Press the windows button to search for cmd
  • Search for command prompt under program and files
  • click on the command prompt
  • type this command without quote regsvr32 C:\windows\system32\DWSHK32.ocx”
  • Then hit enter
  • Then close the command prompt window
  • Then restart the program affiliated with the error

Note: you can also install the DWSHK32.ocx file online via the internet


Windows error dwshk32-ocx is caused by irregularities in the registry files or malware attack on the system files and it can as well be caused by incomplete installation of certain applications.


This error do occur during the update of the operating system or while running a program on the system. And you can easily get rid of the windows error by performing system restore, using anti-malware, system file checker utility, or using the command prompt to re-register the file. You can as well re-register the dwshk32-ocx file directly from the internet.