How to fix Windows error code 0x80200002

If this windows error code 0x80200002 pop-up on your computer screen perhaps during an update then it means your system files has been damaged, some files are missing in the registry, or your operating system has been affected by a virus or malware.


It can also be caused by corrupted or damaged drivers and failed attempt to update driver and is usually due the windows not compatible with the installed driver or application. And as soon as this error code begins to pop-up, your PC will begin to face problems like: slow response, longer time to boot, rebooting of system while working, unable to install or uninstall application or driver. It can further make some certain software or drivers, fail to start.

If immediate care is not taken, this error can lead to further system damage therefore, it is imperative to apply these fixing procedures that are discuss below, as soon as this message begin to pop-up on your screen.

Fixing Windows error code 0x80200002

Solution 1: Disable the antivirus

Often, during updating process, your antivirus software can mark some files on your registry as corrupted thereby causing certain interruption on your system. So try disabling your antivirus temporarily as well as your windows defender, temporarily and continuing with the update.

Follow these steps to disable your windows defender temporarily:

  • Go to start (windows key)
  • Under “search and program files” type firewall.cpl
  • On the left hand side, click on “turn windows firewall on or off”
  • Then click on” turn off windows firewall (not recommended) on home or work (private) network locations settings”
  • Follow the same process for “public network location settings” and click ok
  • Ensure you enable it back after the error is resolved.

Solution 2: System Restore

System restore does not tamper with your files in any way. But rather, it uninstalls any problematic software or driver recently installed. And make sure you do not turn off your computer at the time of operation. To adopt system restore take these necessary steps:


  • Click windows key
  • Search for “system restore”
  • Click next on new pop-up window
  • Choose preferable restore point (do not choose a more recent restore point) and click next
  • click finish on new pop-up window
  • Finally, restart your computer

Windows error code 0x80200002 often comes with effects such as long booting of system, system, unable to install or uninstall driver or application and it can be caused by missing files in the registry, systems files been damaged e.t.c.

This error code can be solved by disabling your antivirus or windows defender temporarily, disabling temporarily won’t affect your PC and immediately the error is fixed turn it on.


You can as well restore your system to an earlier date by choosing one of the restore points. And better still get the repair utility of Windows error code 0x80200002 online to help you fix the error automatically, if you can’t navigate through this manual solution.