How to Fix Windows Error Code 0x80070bc2

Windows error code “0x80070bc2” often occur while updating or installing window cumulative update “KB4048955” or “KB4043961” on PC and it give message like “windows failed to update error code 0x80070bc2”.

This problem starts immediately windows restarts your system after update, with symptoms similar to other windows error code such as slow response of PC and inability to run certain drivers or software.


This windows error code 0x80070bc2 mainly caused by error in windows driver and it can also be caused by: application installed automatically without the knowledge of the operator, inability of windows to complete installing of updates and missing files in the registry.

The continuous pop-up of the error code can be frustrating and even cause panic, but do not panic, because you will get the solution here by careful following of the instructions that succeed this introduction.

Solution to fixing Windows error code 0x80070bc2

Solution 1: System Restore

Restoring your system to an earlier date that it was functioning properly well could be helpful to remove problematic drivers or application without deleting your files. But do not switch off your PC during the operation.

  • Go to start on your computer
  • Search for “system restore” (by typing system restore inside “search and program files”)
  • Then press system restore
  • choose a restore point from the restore points list
  • press next on the new window page
  • press finish on the new window page
  • Then restart your PC after the completion of the process.

Solution 2: reinstall update

It is possible the window service called trusted installer or windows trusted installer on some PC is not configured to start automatically after restart. So follow these necessary steps to configure the windows installer:

  • Go to start (windows key)
  • Search and click “windows update” under “search for program and files”
  • Click on check for updates
  • Wait till until the status says “Awaiting Restart”
  • Then search and click “run” under “search for program and files”
  • Type services.msc and press ok
  • Then right click “windows modules installer”
  • Click properties
  • Under “start up” change to automatic
  • Then restart the machine, it will automatically continue with the update
  • Then after successful update, restart your machine.

Solution 3: Disable the your antivirus

Some antivirus applications could interfere with the windows update thereby prompting the error code 0x80070bc2.  Disable the antivirus temporarily to finish the update process and turn it on immediately the update is complete for the protection of your computer.


In summary, windows error code 0x80070bc2 is usually caused by the “windows updating services” not been able to successful process the update and this error can lead to the total breakdown of your system, if problem is not fixed in time. Although, it does shows some “breakdown” symptoms like – slow response of system, shutting of system down automatically, unable to install applications e.t.c. This is not good signs and is important you fix it immediately.

It can be fixed by any of these solutions as it applies to your problem:

  • Restoring your system to an earlier date
  • Disabling the antivirus temporarily
  • And reinstalling the update.