How to Fix Windows Error 0xE0000234

Windows error 0xe0000234 can be caused by various factors such as missing registry files or DLL files, outdated or damaged drivers, incomplete driver installation, virus or malware infections, accidental delete of important program and hardware. And can cause system applications to end abruptly also causes slow response of computer.


As a matter of fact, if immediate care is not taken, it can lead to the occurrence of blue screen of death, complete system crash or system freeze, which are however, unavoidable if you can meticulously follow the steps on how to fix windows error 0xe0000234.

The windows error 0xe0000234 is fixable either manually or automatically, the automatic fixing of this error requires the download of an online utility tool, while the manual method involves meticulously applying some steps to fix the error 0xe0000234.

Simple ways to fix windows error 0xe0000234

System restore

System restore functionality in windows allows you to restore your system to an earlier date that the computer was functioning properly well.

  • Then click start (windows key) on your PC
  • Then search for run
  • Then type “rstrui” in the text box
  • Then click ok
  • The system restore page should pop up
  • Then click next
  • Choose a suitable restore point
  • Then click next
  • Click finish
  • Then restart your PC


Disable the antivirus or anti-malware temporarily

Anti-Malware and anti-virus applications mark some registry files as spam; hence block those files from functioning, which, however, give rise to the error 0xe0000234. So disable those applications temporarily then re-activate after re-installing the driver or when the issue is fixed.

Uninstalling the and reinstalling the driver

Windows error 0xe0000234 can occur while installing a certain driver. Uninstall the driver and reinstall it as per the operating system recommendation. Follow these steps to uninstall and re-install the driver.

  • Tap on the windows symbol (start)
  • Then type “run” on the search box
  • Then click on run
  • Then type “sysdm.cpl” in the text entry box
  • Click ok
  • Then move your mouse to hardware and click
  • Click on device manager
  • Then look for the driver that is flagged with the error 0xe0000234
  • Then click on “uninstall” to uninstall the driver

Steps to reinstall the driver

  • Install the new driver
  • Then restart your computer


You don’t need to be a computer guru to fix the error 0xe0000234 for it has been made easier; all you need to do is to apply these steps to fix windows error 0xe0000234 carefully.

However, the solutions are customized to solve the error per a particular cause. For instance, solution 3 will be applicable if you get the message error while trying to install a particular driver.


And solution two, if the antivirus or anti-malware is blocking some DLL files that are responsible for the successful effective running of certain applications, and solution 1 is applicable for all. You can as well fix the error automatically by downloading an online utility, but this requires an internet connection.