How to fix windows error 0x800B0003?

Taking Tension by the 0x800B0003 Error massage on your computer. Are you searching What is the main causes and most important thing how to fix this error code 0x800B0003. You will find solution for this error 0x800B0003 error and method to resolve it.

1.1.     Causes Of Windows Error 0x800B0003:


There are many causes of this error like as virus or malware attack, virus, malicious adware virus, spyware ,corruptions of files system, bug attack, hard drives fails to communicates the data 0x800B0003 temp error Its causes because of deleted software and apps by mistake.

1.2.     Solutions to Solve Windows Error 0x800B0003:

Step 1. Uninstalls the damage programs.

Click the start button, search the control panel and click to open, search uninstall a programs and click to open, look the unknown or crash programs, right click on it and uninstalled it on your computer. After the uninstallation the programs restart your computer.

Step 2. Clear junk and temporary files

Click to start the computer, go to search panel and search temporary files, junk files or cache files, select on it right click and deleted it. After the uninstallation the programs restart your computer.

Step 3. Run an antivirus

Click to start your computer, download antivirus programs and install. After the installation the antivirus click to run this programs and scan all files or data and detect the crash data or files click to deleted it on your computer. After the scan properly your pc and uninstalled all crash files then restart your computer.

Step 4. System restores

Click to start the computer, go to the desktop ,right click on my computer and go to the properties click on it, go to the securities system and click to open, click to open system protection, restore system files and setting next choose a different drivers next drive c finish. A text is shown on your pc click to yes. After this process restart your computer.

However, if you have same issue and all the above steps don’t work for you then don’t worry still there is a best solution to fix windows error 0x800B0003. Use Reimage PC Repair Suite Tool, this tool can remove error from your computer and the best part of this software is, it is fully automatic repair tool. If you don’t have enough knowledge in PC and also you can use this and relax it will protect your system data also so no any data loss can happen.

1.3.      of 0x800B0003 File:

File name:- 0x800B0003. error

Product version:-

Company name:- developer

File md5:- 0x800B0003

File type:- temporary

Security level(0-55):-

OS:- Microsoft

1.4.     MESSAGE:-

  • – 0x800B0003 bad image
  • – 0x800B0003 system error
  • – 0x800B0003 runtime error
  • – 0x800B0003 application error
  • – 0x800B0003 unable to locate content
  • – 0x800B0003 entry point not found

1.5.     Warm tip:


After using these methods, your computer should be free of Windows defenderError code: 0x800b0003. If you do not have much experience to remove it manually, it is suggested that you should download Advance System Repair Tool to help you quickly and automatically remove all possible infections from your computer.