How to Fix Windows error 0X80073cf9

In Windows 8, you might have received this error 0x80073cf9. This is the windows error which occurs when you try to install or uninstall a program especially Bing Apps. The main reason for generating this windows error is the missing of registry file or due to some issue registry file gets corrupt or damaged. Like other windows error, windows error 0x80073cf9 is one of them and mostly occurs in Microsoft Windows 8 version. If error 0x80073cf9 occurs in your system then don’t neglect the form of this error, undertake an action to remove fix this error permanently.


Why windows error 0x80073cf9 occurs?

  • Windows error 0x80073cf9 occurs when there is the misplaced of file from the windows registry.
  • Virus is the treacherous program which corrupts or damages all the files which is installed in your PC and also prevents the proper working of your PC.
  • The program which you are installing may be corrupted or a file required for the installation may be missed.

What are the symptoms?

When you attempt to install Bing App in your Windows 8 then the installation gets failed and returns you an error message “App Name couldn’t be installed. Error Code 0x80073cf9”


And when you try to uninstall a Bing app from your windows 8 system then you receive the following error message:-

“You cannot open Bing apps. Specifically, when you click or tap the tile of an app, the app starts but then return you to the Start screen. When this occurs, you don’t receive any error messages.”

How to fix this windows error 0x80073cf9?

If you are unable to find the reason for generating this error then perform a clean boot because clean boot can help you to determine that which program or application is creating this issue. So, follow the given below steps to perform clean boot:-

  • To open run command box, press Windows + R key from your keyboard. When the run command box opens then type MSCONFIG and then click ok or press enter.
  • When the system configuration page opens then clicks on boot tab.
  • Then uncheck the safe boot option.
  • Then click on the general tab and from their click on ‘Selective Startup’ option then click on ‘Load Startup items.’
  • Now go to the services tab and from their select the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ option and then click on disable all option.
  • Then click on startup tab and from their click on ‘Open task manager’ option. On this ‘Open task manager’ option right click enabled items and then select disable.
  • Then click on ok button and then restart your system.
  • If you find the program which creates this issue then uninstall it and re-install it again.


If you don’t want to do the above extended process then use third party repair tool to remove this windows error 0x80073cf9.