How to fix Windows error 0x800706bf

You have nothing to worry about if the windows error code 0x800706bf keeps popping up on your screen because there is a solution, though the symptoms are scary.


The symptoms include blue screen of death, system shut down error, slow system performance, programs fail to start, update error or system freezes.

The windows error code 0x800706bf shows that there is likely a problem with the registry files- it is either damaged or corrupted, your windows driver is old or outdated, malware attack, the installation of windows did not complete, and it can also be due to lack of proper maintenance and inaccurate use of windows.

You can apply any of the solution to fix windows error 0x800706bf to get rid of the problem, but, all may not be suitable for you since the error can be due to different causes, but you have assurance of getting a solution peculiar to the problem to solve the windows error 0x800706bf.

Solutions to fix windows error 0x800706bf

Solution 1: System Restore

System restore helps to restore the system to a point it was functioning properly well, and during the process it uninstall newly installed applications and drivers, which, however, can be a problem to the PC. Follow these steps to perform system restore

  • Go to start on your PC
  • Type system restore in the search box
  • Then click on system restore
  • Click next
  • Then choose the perfect restore point
  • Then click next
  • Click finish

Solution 2: Clear the cache

There is a need to clear the cache to get rid of corrupt or damaged files. Follow the steps below to clear the cache.

  • Click the windows symbol on your keyboard
  • Then search for disk cleanup
  • Then click on the disk cleanup
  • select the disk you want to clear
  • Then from there you can select the files you need to delete

Solution 3: Uninstalling a driver

  • Go to start (windows symbol)
  • Then type and click run
  • On the dialog box type “sysdm.cpl”
  • Go to hardware
  • Click on device manager
  • Double click on the device type that has the error code
  • Right click on the device and uninstall

Note: you can reinstall the driver through windows update or source for the driver online and install it.

Solution 4: Perform antimalware or antivirus scan

The error could be due to malware attack so endeavor to perform a malware scan with good anti-malware software.


Windows error 0x800706bf is primarily due to problem with a particular driver, which can be caused by files missing in registry, corrupt damage files in registry, malware or virus attack, damaged windows files, and old or outdated drivers.

You can perform a system restore, clear the caches, perform a malware scan or remove the problematic driver immediately you start getting the windows error 0x800706bf symptoms such as update error, system freezes, slow performance,  blue screen of death, among many others.


And you can likewise download a PC utility to help remove the windows error 0x800706bf automatically.