How to Fix Windows Error 0x000000AD

Windows error 0x000000AD is a code error format used by windows to identify the error caused, at the same time, alert the user of a potential danger to the system.

Windows error 0x000000AD like every other windows error is caused by certain phenomena such as incompatible driver or software, corrupted or damage windows system files, missing DLL files from your computer, incomplete installations, improper or mistakenly deletion of certain software or hardware.


It can also be caused by spyware or virus attack which may stems from the improper shutting down of the system.

The error may have serious effect on your system such as not being able to run any program on the computer, slow performance of computer, blue screen of death, some programs or software not responding and inability of programs to install or uninstall.

These windows error 0x000000AD is not without a solution you may choose to repair it manually or automatically.

Fixing windows error 0x000000AD easily

Windows error 0x000000AD can be fixed manually or automatically also ensure you apply the solutions immediately, because further delay can lead to permanent damage of certain files and data or even lead to system crash.

Fixing windows error 0x000000AD manually

System Restore

System restore is a viable option to remove corrupted application or driver that could be causing the error 0x000000AD. Follow this guide to perform the system restore:

  • Start your PC as an administrator
  • Then press windows key on your keyboard
  • Look for “accessories” under “all programs”
  • Under “accessories” click “system tools”
  • Click “system restore”
  • Click next on new pop-up window
  • Select an earlier restore point
  • Then click next
  • Then click on finish on confirmation window
  • Restart PC after successful system restore

Running system file checker

  • Follow these steps to run system file checker:
  • Click on window icon (start)
  • Then search for “command prompt”
  • Then right click
  • Click “run as administrator”
  • Then carefully type “ sfc/scan” on the command window
  • Then press enter

This tool will help check your system files error and fix them.

Run a scan with anti-spyware or antivirus software

You can a run a deep scan with anti-spyware program to remove the spywares causing the error as well as anti-virus software to remove any the viruses.

Fixing windows error 0x000000AD automatically

You can fix the error automatically by downloading or using an online repair tool to take care of the error 0x000000AD


Windows error 0x000000AD comes with symptoms like windows error, update error and slow performance of PC which must not be taking lightly, and is mostly caused by missing DLL files on system, spyware or virus attack.


You can remove the error manually or automatically. You can remove the error manually by restoring your system to an earlier point, using anti-spyware to remove spyware and antivirus to remove the viruses, and you can check for an online repair tool to make your PC function proper well if manual method doesn’t cut it with you.