How to fix Windows 10 update error 0x800703ed

Windows is so user friendly that it notify her users of possible error that has occurred on their computer through the hexadecimal error code such as error code 0x800703ed associated with windows update.

What might be the possible cause of Windows 10 update error 0x800703ed? Technically, the error might be caused by windows system file damage that may arise from fragmentary installation or incomplete uninstalling of certain applications. It might even be cause by unapt removal of application or hard ware and the error is possible to pop-up if computer fails to shut down properly and other causes best known to windows.


With every cause there is a solution so on this page we will give you different solutions in:

Fixing windows 10 update error 0x800703ed

Solution 1: “System Restore”

“System restore” will help uninstall recent installed application or drivers that might be the cause of the error. System restore will also help fix the problems causing your computer not to respond properly.

Here are steps to follow for system restore:

  • Click start on your computer
  • Under “search and program files” type system restore
  • Click on “system restore”
  • In the new pop-up page choose the preferable restore point form the restore points list
  • click next on the new window
  • click finish on the confirmation window
  • Restart your computer after the system restore

Note: do not switch off your system during this process of “system restore”.

Solution 2: Switch BIOS boot order

Switching the BIOS boot order has also been proven to be a standard solution especially when you are booting to a different hard drive. So changing the arrangement by allowing BIOS boot order to boot directly to the drive where your window is installed could be of immense help.

Here are steps to switch the bios boot order:

  • Restart the computer or turn it on
  • Watch for the next command window that says- press either Del or F2- press this key as soon you get this message.
  • Click on the boot menu
  • The next pop-up window shows the boot order
  • change the boot order to hard drive that windows is installed
  • Save changes to boot order
  • Click yes when hinted to save your new BIOS arrangement
  • Your computer will restart automatically to the new arrangement.

In summary, the windows error Windows 10 update error 0x800703ed associated with update to windows 10 is often caused by damage to the windows system file or perhaps from incomplete uninstall of certain applications or by incomplete installing of certain applications and it can be fixed in two ways, either by adopting System Restore or switching the boot BIOS order.


You can as well update the BIOS for wonderful performance of your operating system thereby aiding free flow of the update. However, updating your BIOS comes with certain risks so consulting a professional if you are not is an excellent idea.