How to fix runtime error 3343?

What is runtime error 3343?

While working your computer you might have face many problems in your system. Runtime error 3343 is one of them. This error occurs when installed windows operating system gets overloaded with invalid system files. Runtime error 3343 occurs when you try to run a program. Runtime error 3343 is uncommon for system users but when it occurs it can seriously damage your system files.


When you are running multiple system programs at once then this increase the chances of occurring runtime error 3343. Runtime error 3343 occurs due to the missing of FRxque32.mdb file form your system. When this error occurs you just simply close all the programs and restart your computer but again you receive the same result. If you avoid fixing this error then you may face many system problems. Runtime error 3343 effect similarly in all the versions of Microsoft operating system.

Why runtime error 3343 occur?

Runtime error 3343 occurs due to various reasons such as missing of dll file, hardware problems, software that you have installed it may be incompatible with your system, outdated software, runtime error 3343 also occurs due to insufficient memory, system virus and all other types malicious software can lead this runtime error to occur, improper maintenance of system.

What are the symptoms?

While working on your computer you suddenly receive an error Runtime Error 3343 – ‘Unrecognized database format (path to server sysdata/FRXQUE32.MDB)” on your windows screen.
This error doesn’t allow you to execute system programs, always appears an error message while staring windows, system performance gets slower down.

How to fix runtime error 3343?

To overcome from this situation you need to keep these given below instructions in your mind:-

  1. Present of virus in your computer can damage your system files. So you need to keep updating of your installed security essentials like antivirus.
  2. If this FRxque32.mdb file gets damaged then uninstall it and again re-install it and to do this see the given below steps:-
  • Click on start button and type FRXQUE32.MDB in the run command box and press enter.
  • In the sysdata rename the FRXQUE32.MDB on the server to FRXQUE32.OLD.
  • From the local FRx sysdata directory find the FRXQUE32.TPL
  • Then copy the local FRXQUE32.TPL to the server sysdata folder.
  • To replace the existing FRXQUE32.TPL click on Yes button.
  • Then rename this new FRXQUE32.TPL on the server to FRXQUE32.MDB.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Now finally try to run system programs.


You can also use third party repair tool to fix runtime error 3343.