How to fix attempted_write_to_readonly_memory error

If you are system user and use windows os then you can get attempted_write_to_readonly_memory error with blue screen to indicate that something missing in your system and you need to fix it as soon as possible because this error is a BSOD error and we know that windows has many types of errors such as boot error, windows update error, driver error, BSOD error etc.

The given trouble is not simple or common so you must not ignore it otherwise it can damage your system and hard disk may be crash so all data of the system also may be lost. If you proper maintain your system then you can avoid such type of problems but if you ignore errors, maintenance of the system, never update windows, antivirus, windows driver then it may be the cause of cause of attempted_write_to_readonly_memory.


When you start windows based system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 then you found that windows not start and you receive error message with blue screen. You may also get that while working on the system it stopped with blue screen and in that condition you can’t perform any activities.

Cause of this error:-

Missing system files, system driver, registry files are the cause of attempted_write_to_readonly_memory error. The error message indicates that you are trying to attempts to write the memory segment which is not allowed to write or it is writing protected or read only mode. As we know that if a file or memory has some specific mode then we can’t perform other activities which are not allowed.

How to fix this error:-

Since this error occurs in windows system due to missing driver or user is trying to write the memory segment which is read only mode so we can fix attempted_write_to_readonly_memory error if we update windows , its driver and change the mode or permission of memory. If you are performing any activity then before performing it is must to verify that is it allow to do this activity or not. Since windows driver may be the issue so if you found that any windows driver is missing then repair it or replace with latest and updated driver. You can also do that install windows error removal tool such as RegCure Pro and run this tool to repair system files. If any file is missing then it will fix automatically and you will not receive the error again.