Get rid of Windows Error 5

Windows Error 5 generates when your PC file gets missing or damaged. A error message occurs user’s system screen like Windows error 5 access denied and user get popup error messages continuously during work time. Most of the user knows about this extremely frustrated error code. User no needs to worry anymore. Use the step which is given below and solve this error code. You can also repair the error code by using a repair tool.


Symptoms of Windows Error 5

  • Software crashes
  • Access denied problem
  • Windows Error 5 keep popping up
  • Pops-up File not found
  • Propagated error
  • Unable to find favorites list
  • Unable to find Main memory

Causes of Windows Error 5

  • System data missing or damaged causes of this error
  • Permit unsuccessfully to turn on program
  • Network disconnected cause of this error
  • Misconfiguration of Output device
  • Time synchronization issue cause of this error
  • Missing permission to access the remote computer
  • Firewall may eliminate connection to the remote computer cause of error 5
  • Active Directory replication error may occur causes of Windows error 5

Solution of Windows Error 5

Make Sure Your PC’s Time Is Correct

Incorrect time might be causes of windows error 5 because when the user trying to use your PC, with correcting time, then the user system start running extremely slowly with this error code. To remove the error you should correct the time of your PC using the date and time format which is in right corner of your system and you can also get it from control panel also. so correct the time of your system and remove this error code.

To fix Clean out System Temporary Files and Folders

Most of the Windows user get junk files when they their system and surfing web browser. In these things system get junk files and it can slow down their system and causes of this Windows error 5. So, if user wants to remove this error they should clear their junk file. Here the method to clear junk files or Folders

Start computer and press Win+R key

A Run dialog box opens type ‘cmd’ in it.

Type ‘cleanupmgr’ and click Enter key

It begin to calculate the space which is occupied by junk files.

You will see a list of junk files with check box.

You have to check the boxes which you want to cleanup, then click on OK.

Restart the system.


Another option

Virus attack can be also cause of your error. But using a strong Anti-Virus tool you can remove them every easily. You have to just install an Strong Anti-Virus in your system and take a complete scan of your system. It removes all the Virus or malware from your computer and repair corrupted a file which is damaged. After taking complete scanning, restart computer