Fix Windows error code 0x8007045D

In order to connect to the external media using Windows OS you might have to face error code 0x8007045D. Generally it happens when Windows unable to read or write properly settings and options that is required for connection. Since data plays an important role so users generally save their files on the hard drive but for more security most of the data lovers keep their files on external hard drive. While transferring files from Windows to hard disc, CD, DVD if any problem occurred then Windows function gets disturbed and some common error message prompts on the screen.


“Error 0x8007045D: the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”

Windows error code 0x8007045D is such a common error message generally occurred while performing some specific Windows tasks. Either you are user of Windows 7 or Windows XP but while installing windows OS or while updating windows apps you might have to face error code 0x8007045D.

If you want to access the Windows files and run programs smoothly and continuously then you would have to fix error 0x8007045D as soon as possible. If you are not aware about this error message then your system might be crash accidentally or the existing application becomes corrupted or damaged. Sometimes you will receive blue screen of death error message with error code 0x8007045D. Stop error 0x8007045D also appears while getting this type of Windows error.

Causes of error code 0x8007045D are:

  • Hardware malfunctioning
  • Wrong registry entries
  • Obsolete Windows driver
  • Missing DLL or Exe fles
  • Virus infection
  • Windows file system corruption

All these reasons solved when you try to fix Windows error 0x8007045D according to the cause. If your system is getting problem with old or outdated driver then you would have to update Windows driver first. For invalid registry files you need to remove those values manually or automatically. To perform all these steps manual steps might be difficult to perform. It is better to follow automatic steps of 0x8007045D Error repair tool.


0x8007045D Error repair tool comes with advanced algorithm which scan your system and remove incorrect registry entries and virus infection from PC. Simple and user friendly steps of the software allows any one to repair corrupted system files and it helps you in recovery of lost or deleted Windows files. It optimizes windows performance and gives more security for your PC.